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Juergen H. Daum named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior in Europe by Trust Across AmericaTM  
News categories: The New Economy Economics

Burssels, June 22, 2011: Juergen H. Daum, Management- and CFO-advisor, expert on finance and performance management and thought leader in sustainable enterprise management, leadership and business innovation and President and founder of the IIOE has been named one of the Top 100 Throught Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior by Trust Across AmericaTM (TAA) - together with 99 other individuals including chairmans, CEOs and other key persons from well-known business, academic and non-profit more


Interview with Jürgen H. Daum: "Sustainability and KPIs – a New Job Profile for CFOs?" 
News categories: The New Economy Economics, the new role of finance, Finance and Accounting, Performance Management and Controlling

Sustainability is ranking high on the CEO agenda today when consumers and business alike are demanding more commitment for 'sustainability' from companies. It's not anymore just a topic for the corporate communications department, but has become part of the companies strategy to create competitive advantage, to drive growth and increase the effectiveness of the organization. But how can 'sustainability' be operationalized from a CFO perspective, e.g. in financial planning?.read more

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Previous Reports (chronological archive):

January 15, 2008 - CFO Discussion: Innovation management and the role of finance: status, challenges, and vision - A discussion with the senior executives and CFOs  of six leading European companies and Juergen H. Daum

March 01, 2006 – CFO Discussion: The Future of Enterprise Performance Management - From Best to Next Practice:  A discussion with the CFOs of four leading European companies and Juergen H. Daum

January 15, 2006 - Report from the Second International PMA Intellectual Capital Symposium held in New York City, USA, 15-16 December 2005

December 11, 2005 - The Evolution of the Finance Function in European Companies and the Future Outlook

November 01, 2005 -  Strategy & Performance Management at Siemens Belux and the role of the Management Cockpit War Room. An interview with Guy Bourdon, Chief Consultant, Siemens Belux

September 19, 2005 - Finance Transformation: How CFOs Prepare Their Finance Organization for the Challenges of the Future

August 08, 2005 – Beyond Budgeting: Ideas for the Fundamental Redesign of the Management Control Model

July 01, 2005 – Event review: First German Beyond Budgeting Summit held on 8-10 June 2005 in Frankfurt/Main (in German only)

April 30, 2005 - From Management Accounting  to Business Support: “Beyond Budgeting” at Boots/BHI. An Interview with Matthias Steinke, CFO BHI Germany.

February 06, 2005 - Intangible Assets and Value-Based Network Control in the Automotive Industry. Part 1: The role of a intangibles-based analysis of the value creation system – the example of Toyota

December 29, 2004 - Interview with Patrick M. Georges: How can executives improve their personal productivity?

November 14, 2004 - The dominance of intangible assets: consequences for enterprise management and corporate reporting

September 30, 2004 - The Management Cockpit “War Room” at Iglo-Ola (Unilever Belgium): An Interview with Iglo-Ola’s Financial Controller Ghislain Malcorps

August 05, 2004 - Vector-Based Performance Measurement: Linking the Subjective and Objective Dimension into One System of Performance Measurement

May 02, 2004 - Panel discussion with representatives from Borealis, Nestlé, SAP and Unilever: Beyond Budgeting – breaking free from the annual fixed budget

January 10, 2004 - Interview with Jeremy Hope: The Origins of Beyond Budgeting and of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT)

October 04, 2003 - Report from the First PMA Intellectual Capital Research Symposium held in Cranfield, UK, 1-2 October 2003

July 04, 2003 - Beyond Budgeting on the move: report from the First Annual Beyond Budgeting Summit in London

May 28, 2003 - Finance Transformation: The evolving role of the CFO and the need for a new corporate financial infrastructure

March 16, 2003 - Value drivers intangible assets and intellectual capital: implications for the reporting, management and corporate governance practice – report from a workshop in Copenhagen with experts from Sweden, Denmark and Germany  

February 24, 2003 - Interview with Lennart Francke: Managing without budgets at Svenska Handelsbanken

January 20, 2003 - Adding Value Through IT Investments (part 2)  - you find part 1 here

January 15, 2003 - Why companies need new management systems to achieve sustained profitability - especially in difficult economic times

January 07, 2003 - Adding Value Through IT Investments (part 1) - you find part 2 here

December 28, 2002 - Approaching the next level of shareholder value management – the art of corporate performance management (part 2)

December 20, 2002 - “Intangibel Assets and Value Creation” – English version of Juergen H. Daum’s book is now available!

November 30, 2002 – A European Peer Discussion: “Measuring and Managing Intangible Values in Today’s Economy”

September 22, 2002 – The book of the month: “Building Public Trust: The Future of Corporate Reporting” by Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr. and Robert G. Eccles

August 03, 2002 – Approaching the next level of shareholder value management – basics (part 1)

June 27, 2002 – The book of the month: “Corporate Longitude: Discover Your True Position in the Knowledge Economy” by Leif Edvinsson

June 11, 2002 – Intangible Assets: a central topic at the mySAP Financials conference in Strasbourg 

June 08, 2002 –  Performance Management Beyond Budgeting: Why you should consider it, How it works, and Who should contribute to make it happen 

May 04, 2002 – The drivers for the future wealth of nations - Why the productivity gap between the US economy and the rest of the world is widening

April 29, 2002 – "Intangible Assets and Value Creation": the German edition of Juergen Daum's book is available !  

March 20, 2002 – The book of the month: “Digital Storm: Fresh Business Strategies from the Electronic Marketplace” by Philipp Gerbert and Alex Birch with Gert Schnetkamp and Dirk Schneider

March 06, 2002 – Interview with Baruch Lev: Accounting, Reporting and Intangible Assets  

Febr 18, 2002 – In today’s intangible assets dominated economy companies need new accounting, controlling und management systems   

Febr 06, 2002 - The book of the month: “Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap…and others don’t” by Jim Collins

Jan 26, 2002 - Corporate Performance Management: Managing profitability and growth in the new environment

Dec 28, 2001 - How to create value with Real Options based innovation management

Dec 20, 2001 - The book of the month: “Ownership and Value Creation – Strategic Corporate Governance in the New Economy” by Rolf H. Carlsson

Nov 27, 2001 - Leveraging e-Business Opportunities for Finance – Q&A with Juergen Daum

Nov 13, 2001 - Interview with Leif Edvinsson: Intellectual Capital: the new wealth of corporations

Nov 10, 2001 - The new FASB rules for reporting on Intangible Asset - The U.S. versus the European way

Oct 30, 2001 - The book of the month: “Intangibles: Management, Measurement, and Reporting” by Baruch Lev

Oct 16, 2001 - E-Business requires CFOs and CIOs to redefine their roles and relationships

Oct 06, 2001 - How Systems Thinking / Systems Dynamics helps to identify limits to growth to boost innovation value

Sept 11, 2001 - The book of the month: “Managing the Professional Service Firm” by David H. Maister

Sept 08, 2001 - How scenario planning can significantly reduce strategic risks and boost value in the innovation chain

July 26, 2001 - How accounting gets more radical in measuring what really matters to investors

July 18, 2001 - Interview with David P. Norton: "Intangible Assets and the Balanced Scorecard" 

July 06, 2001 - Today’s #1 management challenge: How to better exploit intangible assets to create value 

June 14, 2001 – The book of the month (May / June): “The Value Reporting Revolution” by Robert G. Eccles, et al.

June 13, 2001 - The future wealth of nations will be dependent both on improvements in productivity and in labor force participation  

May 22, 2001 - Beyond Budgeting: How to become an adaptive sense-and-respond organization

May 12, 2001 - A revolution in stakeholder oriented corporate disclosure – case study: The Shell Report

May 02, 2001 – The book of the month (April 2001): “The Mind of the C.E.O” by Jeffrey E. Garten

April 27, 2001 – The Internet is supposed to transform business processes – but what about finance ?

April 11, 2001 – How to make software developers more productive through “Extreme Programming”

April 10, 2001 – What the CEO expects from his CIO

March 28, 2001 – The book of the month: “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton M. Christensen

March 21, 2001 – The new New Economy is combining the strength of the old and New Economy

Febr 26, 2001 -  eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is moving forward

Febr 15, 2001 – E-Business has a far reaching impact on Finance – J.D.’s finance management best practice channel is live !

Febr 07, 2001 – The book of the month: “The Long Boom” by Peter Schwartz, Peter Leyden and Joel Hyatt

Jan 20, 2001 – Why human capital will become the most scarce economic resource

Jan 10, 2001 – The book of the month: “The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization” by Thomas L. Friedman

Dec 28, 2000 – Why a slowing US economy my help to boost productivity again

Dec 18, 2000 – New E-Business Models require new E-Business Software and business application architectures

Dec 09, 2000 – The Book of the Month: “The Strategy-Focused Organization” by Robert Kaplan and David Norton

Nov 10, 2000: Generation Y: When the Internet generation is joining your workforce you better be prepared

Nov 01, 2000: The Book of the Month: “Meta-Capitalism” by Grady Means and David Schneider

Oct 26, 2000: Is the New Economy / The Long Boom dead ?

Oct 16, 2000: Dynamic revenue management: a major building block of wealth creation in the new economy

Oct 03; 2000: The book of the month: “Future Wealth” by Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer

Sept 24, 2000: Can corporations protect their investors against fake news stories ?

Sept 14, 2000: Why Mr Bové vandalized a McDonald’s restaurant in his fight against globalization

Sept 02, 2000: The book of the month: “The E-business (R)evolution” by Daniel Amor

Sept 01, 2000: Intermediaries are again becoming important – but now on the Net

Aug 23, 2000: ‘e-readiness’ gap in many country threatens worldwide economic growth

Aug 19, 2000: Today’s knowledge intensive businesses need more flexible R&D organizations

Aug 14, 2000: Will big mergers really pay off ? Being bigger can mean lower returns !

Aug 1, 2000: The book of the month: “Funky Business” by Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell Nordstrom

July 28, 2000: The Napster case: a test case where intellectual property rights protection stands against….

July 27, 2000: The UN initiative “Global Compact” will let corporations play a new social responsibility role

July 27, 2000: XBRL will revolutionalize corportate reporting and investor relations …



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